A series of workshops aimed at managing the trauma of childhood sexual abuse (CSA) through psychoeducation and social inclusion. Workshops will cover a range of topics from prevalence and legal implications of CSA through to impacts on relationships, mental health, and physical health.

Delivered by experienced facilitators, the workshops will be trauma-informed and strengths-based, focusing on recovery, peer support and self-care. We aim to reduce stigma and address shame and self-blame in a safe space, allowing survivors to feel heard and less alone.

Living With CSA

Workshop series about recovering from the trauma and impacts of Childhood Sexual Abuse in a safe space.

Held over 8 weeks with 2 hr weekly sessions and facilitated by professionals experienced in CSA. Groups are limited to 6 participants.

You Are Not Alone

Workshop series about how Childhood Sexual Abuse impacts your capacity to have a healthy meaningful relationship

Held over 2 weeks with weekly 2hr sessions and facilitated by experienced professionals. Groups are limited to 10 participants.

Free To Join

Workshops are for adult female survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse.

There is no cost to attend the workshops.

If you identify as a survivor contact one of our facilitators today on 0477 053 593.

You can discuss workshop dates as well as have a telephone assessment to determine your needs and readiness to attend.