A path to better health and wellbeing awaits if you are a trauma survivor.

Rediscovering a Life Beyond Trauma provides education and resources to build resilience, mental toughness, self-awareness, self-compassion, focused attention, mindfulness and a positive attitude.

The program of six modules take you on a journey of recovery and change over six months.

Our specialist facilitators and case managers will be there to support and encourage you each week.

The Modules are:

  • Nutrition
  • Movement
  • Stress & Self-Regulation
  • Kindness & Compassion
  • Positive Relationships & Role Modelling
  • Finding Passion and Purpose

The group is informal, optional and you can opt-in at any stage of the program.

With each module, you will begin to notice small positive changes with your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, and deepen your self-awareness and learn how to develop meaningful, positive relationships.

Eligibility Criteria

Adult women survivors of trauma are eligible for this program.

Contact Stepping Out on 9550 9398 to reserve your place or submit a contact form.

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