Nastaran’s Story

There are many adult survivors of CSA who no longer see their families. This story talks about one woman who fortunately does thanks to the work of Stepping Out and other organisations who have supported her Read More


Vivienne’s Story

The stories of survivors highlight the importance of the work we do and why we need support to ensure our services can extend to all who need them. This is Vivienne’s Story, a CSA survivor who is living with chronic pain and fatigue. She is telling her story to raise awareness and encourage others to seek help rather than trying to cope alone. Stepping Out continues to support Vivienne to live her best life in challenging conditions Read More


Alexa’s Story

As survivors share their stories with us, so we will share them with you. Alexa’s story is as confronting as any you will read. Abused by her swimming coach, her life took a turn she would never had imagined. Stepping Out was there when she needed us most. Read More