Our services

Stepping Out is a safe place for survivors to heal. We walk alongside them in their journey, helping to recognise their goals and take empowered steps to reach them.
We offer a range of free, practical programs and services for adult female survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Our programs and services provide advocacy, address social isolation and encourage community engagement.
Our approach is trauma informed and tailored to the individual.

Who can refer:

  • Self-referral
  • Another service provider
  • Community housing providers
  • Health Professional
  • Family member or carer

How to refer:

Contact our office on 0455 265 241 to speak to one of our specialist case managers or by completing the contact form on this website.

Stepping Out have supported me through some challenging times, they have encouraged me to stay strong and they have advocated to find accommodation suitable for me to be reunited with my children. I am truly grateful to my Stepping Out Case manager who was dedicated, patient and empathetic.
The ultimate reward was moving into a three-bedroom flat just before Christmas and being able to provide my children with a safe and loving environment.
Stepping Out were with me all the way, they provided social inclusion programs and educational workshops so that I would be fully prepared to be the best mum that I can be.

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Social inclusion programs

Social inclusion programs are held on a regular basis (generally weekly) in safe, inclusive environment where conversation is driven by clients and facilitated by professionals. Our Free programs address social isolation and promote connection and community for wellbeing. The activities include:

  • Restoration Yoga
  • Social Outings
  • Craft days
  • Pamper sessions
  • Art therapy
Skills workshops

We offer workshops to address the needs of adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse and related trauma, these workshops are facilitated by trauma informed professionals and may include:

  • Life beyond trauma
  • Living skills
  • Getting organised, staying on track
  • Money Minded – budgeting
  • Addressing hoarding and gambling

We are committed to using the latest research to ensure our workshop content is as effective and specialised as possible.

CSA Awareness Week

We support all survivors to live in the community, according to their needs and strongly advocate for best outcomes within the community welfare sector. In October each year, Stepping Out’s Childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA) Awareness Week happens. This week commemorates the anniversary of the Commonwealth Government’s ‘National Apology to Victims & Survivors of Institutional Child Sexual Abuse