Get involved

There are many ways you can help support Stepping Out Program’s valuable work.

We provide survivors the rare opportunity to address the impacts of CSA, which can include drug and alcohol abuse, sex work, domestic violence and homelessness.

By making a donation, being a corporate supporter, becoming a member or volunteering your support will help us develop resources and programs, grow our work and reach more people. With your help we can create positive change for survivors.

I am grateful for the service and believe it is vital.
Going through my experience and coming from a different cultural background, I felt shame but, at Stepping Out, I feel understood and accepted. It provides a safe space where there is no judgment and no expectation to share our story.
The community connections and knowledge of staff makes a huge difference. I have trouble making and keeping friends but, at the social inclusion program, I am given connection, commonality and a community.

All donations are 100% tax deductable and 100% appreciated.

Are you an organisation?

Be brave, be strong and be a corporate who accepts that childhood sexual abuse is real.
Partnering with Stepping Out Program is a unique and rewarding opportunity.

Raising funds or increasing awareness are equally as important when supporting the vital programs we deliver to adult survivors of  CSA. The earlier we recognise and provide support for the survivors the better the long-term outcomes will be.

Corporate partnerships can be tailored to Corporate Social Responsibility or Community Investment Objectives, a corporate commitment will enable us to increase the programs, increase our reach, support more survivors and provide information and education to the wider community about CSA and its associated trauma.

With awareness comes acceptance and with acceptance more survivors will reach out to seek help and ultimately be able to lead a better life.

Be part of transforming the lives of survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

Become a member

You can support Stepping Out by becoming a Member.
Your Membership will help us support women across NSW for much needed outreach and case management. As we grow, your support will enable Stepping Out to develop resources and programs to extend our capacity and work with more survivors in more regions to greater extent.

Stepping Out aims to develop additional funding opportunities to ensure the continuous delivery of our educational, well-being and capacity-building programs such as life skills development and mentoring, budgeting and financial management, movement and yoga therapy.

For a $40 annual membership fee you will receive our newsletter as well invitations to special information and fundraising events. Additionally, you will be welcome to attend and vote at our AGM where we gratefully acknowledge Members’ ideas, referrals and advice on how we can maximise support to survivors and their families and create more impact and awareness in society as the profound effects of CSA become more apparent.


We value the contribution that our volunteers make. And the time and energy they give makes a significant difference to survivors of childhood sexual assault.

Whether it’s through offering your time or your skills, volunteering can be rewarding and fun. We also regularly need skilled instructors in yoga, tai chi and other beneficial health and wellness activities. If you think you can help, we would love to hear from you!