Donate $50

$50 will purchase a much needed hamper, full of things we know they’ll love.

Donate $25

$25 will purchase a selection of seasonal fruits to share with their family and friends.

We have a target of $3,000 to do this for all our clients and we only have a short time to get there

Please donate what you can. Your generosity will help us make this season all the more special for our wonderful clients who deserve some Christmas cheer and a positive start to the new yea



Statistics reveal that 1 in 4 women have been sexually assaulted as children and 1 in 7 men. We also know that over 80% of women in prison have experienced childhood sexual abuse.

Our goal is to build a well-resourced and capable organisation that is recognised and respected as a leader in providing services for survivors of childhood sexual assault.

Your donations can support Stepping Out in a very practical way.
Here’s what your donation can do:

o   $40 will fund a client for 4 weeks of Trauma Yoga, or

o   $80 will fund a place in the Getting Organised, Staying on Track program, or

o   A regular donation of $30 a fortnight is enough to reserve a place for a client in our new program, Rediscovering a Life Beyond Trauma.

Additionally, you can support Stepping Out by becoming a permanent SOP Member.

o   For a $40 annual membership fee you will receive our bi-monthly newsletter as well invitations to special information and fundraising events. Additionally, as a member you will be welcome to attend and vote at our AGM and Committee meetings where we gratefully acknowledge Members’ ideas, referrals and advice on how we can maximise support to survivors and their families and create more impact and awareness in society as the profound effects of CSA become more apparent.

Stepping Out aims to develop additional funding opportunities to continuously fund our educational, well-being and capacity-building programs such as work place development and mentoring, budgeting and financial management, movement and yoga therapy.

We provide survivors the rare opportunity to address the impacts of this traumatic life event which can include drug and alcohol abuse, sex work, domestic violence and homelessness.

Stepping Out Program provides support through case management and group programs for women and men.

Your Membership and/or Donation will help us support women and men across New South Wales for much needed outreach and case management support. As we grow, your support will enable Stepping Out to develop resources and programs to extend our capacity and work with more survivors in more regions to greater extent.