30 Aug

Change – Securing Our Future

Our focus will return to our core mission – assisting women survivors of CSA to live a more fulfilling life.  This is a shift from case management and assisting those at risk of homelessness.  As a stakeholder, you can be part of this change through engagement with our planned expansion of our workshop program, social inclusion groups, counselling and other therapies, as well as funding support where possible. ...

15 Aug

Free CSA Workshops

Free CSA Workshops starting soon! Childhood sexual abuse (CSA) can have a profound impact on every aspect of life. We can help your journey beyond trauma in a safe, supportive, and interactive space with other adult female survivors. Our 8-week series of workshops help women to understand and manage difficult emotions and behaviours which are normal responses to childhood trauma. Connecting with other women with similar experiences also helps to reduce feelings of shame, guilt, and isolation. Groups are facilitated by...

26 Nov

From The Chair

Stepping Out From the Chair The injustice of childhood sexual abuse is confronting enough, however when you know adult women on a personal level who have undergone this trauma without support, I can tell you from personal experience it hits you on an entirely different level. When I was approached to be on the board of Stepping Out, my first board position, and the difference I could make, I was all in. I joined Stepping Out in 2016, and became Treasurer of the small...

18 Jun

Erin’s Story

Stepping Out Case Study Erin is a 43-year-old woman who lives with her 14-year-old daughter. She was referred to Stepping Out by her local doctor for support with housing. They were living in a sub-standard, privately head leased property in the Sydney area. After 5 years the property was close to being uninhabitable with chronic mould throughout the house. Amateur repairs by the landlord also led to several dangerous situations involving electricity. An application for a transfer...

woman looks out at sunset
11 Oct

CSA the reality in our society

Many organisations involved with childhood sexual abuse (CSA) focus on the children. This is vital. However, the long term trauma of CSA cannot be overlooked and this is where Stepping Out focuses – on adult survivors who often don’t disclose their abuse for decades – the average being 25 years.  The facts are shocking yet motivating, for there is so much more we as a society can do to support and help transform the lives of adults who have endured...

10 Oct

Stepping Out’s Local Hero – Bev Lange

It is with immense pride and gratitude for all the votes that came from near and far, that we can announce Bev Lange has won a 2019 Westfield Local Heroes Award. Thanks to our extended community and to Bev’s tireless commitment to wellbeing and harmony, Stepping Out has secured one of the coveted $10,000 prizes to expand our Women’s Social Inclusion Group.  Now with your support we are keen to match that amount and grow the group even further. Stepping Out’s...