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30 Aug

Change – Securing Our Future

Our focus will return to our core mission – assisting women survivors of CSA to live a more fulfilling life.  This is a shift from case management and assisting those at risk of homelessness.  As a stakeholder, you can be part of this change through engagement with our planned expansion of our workshop program, social inclusion groups, counselling and other therapies, as well as funding support where possible. ...

15 Aug

Free CSA Workshops

Free CSA Workshops starting soon! Childhood sexual abuse (CSA) can have a profound impact on every aspect of life. We can help your journey beyond trauma in a safe, supportive, and interactive space with other adult female survivors. Our 8-week series of workshops help women to understand and manage difficult emotions and behaviours which are normal responses to childhood trauma. Connecting with other women with similar experiences also helps to reduce feelings of shame, guilt, and isolation. Groups are facilitated by...