The confronting events surrounding Childhood Sexual Abuse in the last few months have created a feeling of insecurity around the world. And whilst the focus in the news tends to be on the physical abuse, the lifelong impact of this trauma can lead to a range of issues, some which survivors can cope with alone, but others which need greater assistance from organisations like Stepping Out which, guides, supports and partners adult childhood sexual abuse survivors through their trauma recovery

While some adult survivors get help and experience only minor mental health problems, others can be impacted more significantly and their trauma can manifest itself in every aspect of their lives.

Adults living with CSA related traumas can suffer mental illness including anxiety disorders such as PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), eating disorders including bulimia and anorexia, depression, and personality and dissociative disorders. Their trauma can also lead to substance abuse problems including those related to alcohol and other drugs often used to artificially cope with managing difficult experiences and memories.

Other trauma-related impact includes lack of trust, low self-esteem, inability to cope with stress and everyday issues, self-harm and anger management issues. Alarmingly, statistics indicate adult survivors of CSA are 2-3 times more likely to experience abuse as adults, being unable to interpret warning signs, misunderstanding trust and control in relationships and not knowing what to expect of others.

Stepping Out’s vision to transform the lives of adult survivors of CSA can only be realised with your help. Our case managers design individualised case plans, establish support networks and links to external services such as counsellors, psychologists and financial counsellors. We assist people to secure and maintain housing, manage their money and to participate in their community. Stepping Out’s support of adults who are survivors of CSA and other forms of abuse and trauma is enduring. We recognise the journey towards trauma recovery is long and complex.