Stepping Out Program (SOP) is a non-profit community based organisation with a 30 year history working with adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse (CSA).

Stepping Out is a specialist agency providing a valuable service to women and men through support, case management, information, group work, counselling, workshops, advocacy and referral.

Our focus is on establishing and providing therapeutic support through the delivery of case management and case coordination services. This focus emphasises trauma informed care and practise, a solution based focus, building on client strengths and a client centred approach as best practice.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Women and men who are eighteen years or over
  • Single women and women with children
  • Homeless or at risk of homelessness
  • Survivor of childhood sexual abuse and trauma
  • Capacity to live independently


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Stepping Out provides case management to women and men who are survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Our programs are embedded in the five principles of safety, trustworthiness, choice, collaboration and empowerment as we work to understand and address the impact and effects.

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Workshops and Groups

Stepping Out is a specialist child sexual abuse service that understands the impacts, triggers and supports necessary for survivors. Our knowledge extends to group programs with our program extending into therapeutic groups, practical workshops and social engagement.

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Care and Support

Stepping Out has recently added counselling to the range of our services. Our clients will have access to specialist psychologists and counsellors who work closely with women and men to address the effects and impacts of child sexual abuse.